The term minimalist often refers to anything that is spare or stripped to its essentials.

The world first heard of minimalism in the early 20th century to describe a 1913 composition by the Russian painter Kasimir Malevich and his black square on a white ground. Of course, the word here to describe this would be minimalist.

In the 1960s and early 1970s, minimalist art became a hit and was growing. It was growing so much that it transitioned into music and then architecture and then into design.

The idea behind the architect and design was influenced by Japanese tradition.

 “The Japanese aesthetic principle of Ma refers to empty or open space. It removes all the unnecessary internal walls and opens up the space. The emptiness of spatial arrangement reduces everything down to the most essential quality.” Bertoni 2002 pg. 23

Which then made its way over to the land of material. America, where we realized we had too much stuff.

In 2014 the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo inspired many to get rid of their stuff and make their lives more simple.

“Although it is not a new concept, the minimalist lifestyle is trending across the United States. The movement has inspired people to move into tiny homes, cut their wardrobes and donate their possessions. Countless bloggers document their forays into minimalism and even the television channel, HGTV, has taken to highlighting the benefits and has three shows on tiny houses in its current lineup.” – Forbes

So, how do we start the minimalist lifestyle? Let’s find out.

The Minimalist by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

“Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom.”

The Blissful Mind – “Is Minimalism Just Another Trend?”

“I think it’s about having a clearer mind, free from so many distractions and unnecessary responsibilities, which ultimately allows you to make decisions that are more deliberate and worthwhile.”

Boots & Hooves Homestead – Simple Living & Minimalism (sort of)

“To be organized, and live as sort of minimalists.”

No Sidebar – “The Minimalism Checklist”

“If you love the idea of living with less but aren’t sure where to start, try these ten steps toward designing a simple life.”

Simple Lionhearted Life – “What is Minimalism? Plus 8 Things it’s NOT”

“Minimalism is one of those concepts, much like simple living where it can mean different things to different people. And that’s ok.”


“If you’re spending more time and money trying to organize your things, you need less things, it’s that simple.”

Allie Casazza – “How Minimalism Is Biblical”

“Minimalism is really starting to make an impact and people are discovering the incredible freedom that comes with letting go of excess.”

Of course, Marie Kondo’s website: She has her own courses, newsletter, app, and you can become a consultant with her!
Sarah Betty is creator & owner of The TopKnot Life an online resource for the getting-stuff-done women who don't have the time or energy to research. She is the mother who does better research than the FBI.


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