At the beginning of this year, I was desperate to make some cash online. I wanted to get the blog back up and running after having this new idea but I did not have the money to pay for hosting.

I saw the pins on Pinterest claiming you could make so much money being a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager. I thought if I could just make over $200 a month I would be set for running a beginners blog.

I started doing my usual hours of research and found many resources and blogs on how to be a successful Virtual Assistant. I was beyond thrilled because I knew I could get paid over $25 an hour while doing things I enjoyed.

I am writing this post because we see so many claims on ways to make money online and the sad truth is most of them are not real or you do not make much money. Virtual Assistance is one of them that you can make decent money without gimmicks and loads of time and money.

I know this because I did it. Within a month I had 3 virtual assistant jobs. I really enjoyed it because most the work I was doing I knew how to and if I did not I would research which expanded my knowledge.

After two months and I landed a Project Management position for a marketing company on the east coast.

So, I can say that virtual assistant work is a great way to bring in extra income into your home. Can you get rich from it? Not unless you run your own team of virtual assistants and become very popular. If you work full time you can make over $60,000 a year which is awesome money.

Starting may seem very overwhelming. Hell, you might not even know where to start. That is why I bring you the top NUMBER virtual assistant blogs I found to be very helpful.

1. The Virtual Savvy

“Over the years, I started giving tips to other women who saw the freedom and flexibility I had in my business. I began to lead them step-by-step through the process of launching and growing their own Virtual Assistant business.”

Top Posts

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2. Work From Home Happiness

“And I truly believe everyone has a skill set, ability or hobby that they can package into a profitable service-based business or leverage to help them land a real work from home job that pays the bills.”

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How to Increase Your Chances of Finding (and Landing) a Work from Home Job

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How to Become a Virtual Assistant with No Experience

3. Kids, Cash and Chaos

“Whether you are already staying home, dreaming of staying home, or not even a mother yet, I hope you will find some useful information in how to start the journey towards living the life you want.”

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4. The Work At Home Wife

“The term virtual assistant can mean so many things to so many people. And when online business owners, and likely even brick-and-mortar business owners, seek help online they aren’t using the term virtual assistant anyway.”

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5. Desire To Done

“Becoming a virtual assistant helped me to fulfill my work from home dreams. That’s why I’m passionate about helping others do the same.”

Top Posts

Sarah Betty is creator & owner of The TopKnot Life an online resource for the getting-stuff-done women who don't have the time or energy to research. She is the mother who does better research than the FBI.


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