With the new year on its way, I am sure a topic a lot of people have on their minds is weight loss. We plan to splurge all through December eating whatever comes near us without a care. Come January we will throw out the bad food, grab our new gym membership card, and knaw on carrot sticks.

By February we all have given up at least twice. It is a vicious cycle millions of people start and stop a year. Especially in America, when obesity is obviously at an all-time high.

“More than 2 in 3 adults were considered to be overweight or have obesity.” Resource NIDDK

Food addiction is just like any other addiction. You are looking for a connect and emotional resource that makes you feel good. We need to stop focusing so much on just trying to stop but rather what is fueling our food addiction. Just like an alcohol, drug, or pornography addict has to do to recover.

We need to get to the source. That is why I bring you today the best resources to help stop the vicious cycle of weight loss.

1. Never Binge Again by Glenn Livingston Ph.D.

“Most contemporary thought on overeating and bingeing focuses on healing and self-love. But people who’ve overcome food and weight issues often report it was more like capturing and caging a rabid dog than learning to love their inner child…
Open the cage even an inch—or show that dog an ounce of fear—and it’ll quickly burst out to shred your healthy eating plans, undoing all your progress in a heartbeat.”

2. Made To Crave by Lysa TerKeurst

This is the actual book that helped myself overcome food addiction. There definitely is a deeper problem at hand and this book helps answer that. There is also a devotional you can buy and read day by day of your new “diet” plan.

3. Food: The Good Girl’s Drug by Sunny Sea Gold

“Sunny Sea Gold started fighting a binge eating disorder in her teens. But most books on the topic were aimed at older women, women she had a hard time relating to. Calling on top psychiatrists, nutritionists, and fitness experts, Sunny offers real advice to a new generation fighting an age-old war.”

4. Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It by Gary Taubes

“Taubes reveals the bad nutritional science of the last century—none more damaging or misguided than the “calories-in, calories-out” model of why we get fat—and the good science that has been ignored.” Also wrote.. “The Case Against Sugar

5. The 21-Day Sugar Detox: Bust Sugar & Carb Cravings Naturally by Diane Sanfilippo

“The 21-Day Sugar Detox is a clear-cut, effective, whole-foods-based nutrition action plan that will reset your body and your habits! Tens of thousands of people have already used this groundbreaking guide to shatter the vicious sugar stronghold. Now it’s your turn!”
6. Food Freedom Forever by Melissa Hartwig

“Now, Food Freedom Forever offers real solutions for anyone stuck in the exhausting cycle of yo-yo dieting and the resulting stress, weight gain, uncontrollable cravings, and health complaints. In her newest book, best-selling author Melissa Hartwig defines true “food freedom” as being in control of the food you eat, instead of food controlling you.”

7. Trim Healthy Mama by Pearl Barrett & Serene Allison

“Counting calories is out. All the food groups are in. Becoming trim and healthy doesn’t have to be difficult or painstaking anymore. After trying almost every fad diet out there, Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett, creators of the Trim Healthy Mama movement, took matters into their own hands.”

8. The Bing Code by Ali Kerr

“In THE BINGE CODE, UK Nutritional Therapist and best-selling author of THE BULIMIA HELP METHOD Alison Kerr will show you how to end your struggle with binge eating, food cravings, yo-yo diets and shed excess weight – and never put it back on!”


Sarah Betty is creator & owner of The TopKnot Life an online resource for the getting-stuff-done women who don't have the time or energy to research. She is the mother who does better research than the FBI.


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