It has been two years now since I went on my first and sadly only cruise. It was honestly one of the best weeks of my life. There is so much adventure, luxury, and self-care wrapped up into one package that I have to share.

Here are the reasons you should go on a cruise this winter.


1. The Most Luxurious Rooms

I have been to my fair share of high-quality hotels but nothing beats the suite we stayed in on our cruise. If you can splurge and buy a suite or even just a single room with a balcony, do it! The room has a full sized bathroom and more. Double waterfall shower, jacuzzi tub, and clean robes every day.

Our suite came with its own espresso maker with milk, the most comfortable king size bed, and our own balcony that we could sit and see the water.


2. 24 Hour Room Service

We had our own butler that we could call any time of the day and he would bring us whatever we wanted. Food. Cake. Coffee. Alcohol. Pop. Fruit. Robes. Warm towels.

They also come in twice a day to pick up your room, make your bed, and pull your sheets down at night.


3. Seeing Multiple Cities

When you stay at a resort, you stay at the resort. Very rarely can you leave and explore the area simply because it might not be safe. On cruises (depends on the cruise) you might wake up every day in a new port. On a cruise, your “hotel” floats from place to place allowing you to see many points of interest on a single trip.


4. First-class Food

The food. We had the ultimate dining package which means you do not have to eat at the cafeteria (which was still good) but that we could dine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at any of their 5-star restaurants. Our cruise ship had French, steakhouse, Mongolian, Chinese, Sushi, Hibachi, Italian, and more. It was the best food I have ever had.


5. Sun Time

While your ship is traveling to the next location you can enjoy time sunbathing. Whether you enjoy laying out to get a tan, swim in exotic pools, or running a few laps there is fun in the sun for everyone.


6. Meeting New People

“Most cruises still follow the traditional dinner dining schedule, meaning your party is assigned a table at a specific time every night. Unless your party takes up an entire table, you will be seated with other travelers. Many new friendships are formed in this way. Do not worry, though, if you are a more private person. Some cruise lines have broken out of the traditional dining mold and allow parties of any size to dine privately at the time of their choosing–even tables for two are available.” – 10Spot


7. Plenty of Onboard Options

“Whatever your age or activity level, you’re sure to find onboard options to keep yourself busy, or not, as it’s totally up to you. A Freestyle Daily newsletter will be delivered to your stateroom every evening which details the next days’ activities, so you’re able to tailor your day to your preference. On board, you’ll find everything from pools and a spa, to shopping, a casino and broadway-style entertainment. Are you wondering about your kids? Norwegian Cruise Line offers complimentary youth program for ages 3 to 17, plus on select ships, there’s even a nursery for babies 6 months to under 3.” – Norwegian


8. Fair Price

“Due to a record number of cruise ships, especially sailing to the Caribbean, cruise lines are doing everything they can to try and fill all of the cabins.  As they try to fill as many berths as possible, they are offering incredible rates and incentives to book a cruise.” – Cruise Fever


9. Get Unplugged

Unless you want to pay a good chunk of money you will probably not have cell service or internet. “There are a few brave souls who can truly power-down and unplug while on vacation. I targeted this question towards people carrying around actual books…not e-readers, tablets or laptops. Their mobile phones were in their stateroom safes and the laptop at home.” – Cruise Maven


10. Activities For Everyone

“Cruises include heaps of activities, so you can try all sorts of crazy things that you’d probably never try on land. Or anywhere at all. Like going to circus school — hello, trapeze — or riding a surf simulator. Boredom is not a thing, but if being bored is your goal there are plenty of places to zone out to a backdrop of deep blue.
Pro tip: Make sure to mix it up. On what other vacation can you simulate skydiving and surfing?” – Thrillist


11. No Planning

“For someone like me, who is constantly on the move, not having to worry about any travel planning is a major plus. You basically just have to check in on the boat and enjoy the ride, leaving the route planning to someone else. Booking hotels? Nope! Even though you’re visiting several countries, you’ll sleep in the same bed every night.” – Globe Trotter Girls


12. Wildlife

I saw whales for the first time on my cruise. Seeing whales was definitely on my bucketlist. The great thing is we saw whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and sea lions right from our balcony. Of course, in the cities, we saw more.


Sarah Betty is creator & owner of The TopKnot Life an online resource for the getting-stuff-done women who don't have the time or energy to research. She is the mother who does better research than the FBI.


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