After you read Top Posts on Minimalism I am sure you will be ready to jump headfirst into the world of minimalism and more purposeful living.

Once I read Marie Kondo’s book I knew it was time for me to shred through my home and get rid of everything I possibly could. To some, this could be a nightmare, to people like me it was freeing.

I came from a long line of hoarders that kept their basement full to the brim of crap they did not need. Once I had my own home though we did not have a basement and we tore our only storage space out to make our school room. I knew to lessen my load of stress and responsibility I had to put my home in order so we were not constantly cleaning a mess.

It took me weeks to remove over 20 garbage bags full of clothes, home, and Christmas decor. Now, like Marie suggests, everything has its place.

I receive many compliments and questions when we have friends come over to our home. They are always shocked by how clean and put together our home is. It is not because we are perfectionist but simply we do not have time to clean our home daily with work, hobbies, children, and travel.

The question I receive most is, “HOW do you do it? How is your home this clean?” For me now it is simple.

My strategy for getting rid of stuff was if I do not use it or feel like I never will then get rid of it.

Don’t know what to get rid of? Check out this post first!

1. Clothes

This was our first big one. I went through every single item of clothing I own and asked my self the question, “How does this make me feel?” If it made me feel big, too feminine, too childish, or it simply did not fit with my style, it left.

We also did this with my husband and children’s closet.


2. Cabinets

This is probably one of the biggest projects. Go through all the cabinets in your home, get rid of things, and organize them. Expired anything needs to go. Put baskets in your bathroom cabinets to organize shampoos and soaps. Reorganize your kitchen cabinets to keep clutter down. If there is no lid or container, it goes.


3. Every Room

You have to go through every room in your home (including garage, basement, and storage!) and attack. Tear it apart, find what needs to go, and then organize it back together.

Less waste = less mess to clean


4. Toys

Sorry kids. This is one of the biggest. Hear me out, parents. Children do not need buckets of toys. Children do not need toys they never play with. Children do not need toys they scatter all over the house. Children DO need to pick up their toys. Children DO need toys that inspire imagination.

I went through and donated over 5 garbage bags full of toys. I had bins upon bins of toys that I realized my children were never playing with. They would just throw them everywhere and leave them. They had a few select toys they played with daily. I donated every toy BUT those.

Now, my daughters’ have their art supplies, kitchen, and babies and my son has his animals and dinos. Every day they have to do a quick (5 minute) clean up of their toys and on Thursdays, we do deep room cleaning.


5. Schedule

Click on this link and find a schedule that works for you.

I clean a set of rooms daily with this chart. This way I am not tackling the house every weekend. These schedules work well even with families that both parents work. They are quick clean ups that keep your home put together.


6. STOP Buying

Now that you have organized and donated 3/4 of your stuff it is time to organize your thoughts.

Buy what is necessary. You might have just gone through and ridden of over half your closet. DO go buy clothes that fit your style and you know you will wear. When you do find something that you know will fit your home’s decor to a T then yes, I would buy it.

Don’t make the mistake of going out and buying just to clutter your home again.



The main goal here is to reduce all the clutter that overwhelms you and is unnecessary. This is how my home stays so clean. Everything has its spot and it goes there when not in use. Yes, our home is decorated and we have do not have a minimalist style (farmhouse and industrial all the way).


Do you have tips for keeping your home clean? Please share below!



Sarah Betty is creator & owner of The TopKnot Life an online resource for the getting-stuff-done women who don't have the time or energy to research. She is the mother who does better research than the FBI.


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