About Us


The internet is full of paid reviews, lies about a product, repeated information, and sometimes the high-quality information (from smaller bloggers & businesses) is hidden under a big-business mess.

As women who have stuff to do we do not have the time or energy to research and find trustworthy information.

Quick appetizers for a last minute game night — Best honeymoon locations  How to handle psycho in-laws  Living life with purpose  Best books on personal finance  Where to find at home workouts Honest reviews on the next must-have item A good laugh after a bad day

We help you to find, use, and share that information.



There are currently 173 million (and counting) blogs right now. Do all of them share useful and inspiring information? Hell no. Social media is so bogged down by paid posts that we do not always see the meaningful content. We help the businesses and blogs that have something to share but cannot seem to break through.